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Rhythmic Psycho-neuroses and Morbid Impulses
DR. C. H. HUGHES of St. Louis, editor of the Alienist and Neurologist, in a paper which we publish this week on page 1124, calls attention to certain interesting and medico-legally important forms of mental derangement characterised by a morbid rhythmic activity of the brain and grouped by him under the heading "Autopsychorhythmia," or repetition psycho-neurosis. He refers at the outset to a pathetic story of an accountant who in a state of nervous exhaustion and mental confusion was carried to an asylum pitifully exclaiming, "Once one is two, once one is two," the mistaken calculation having ruined him.


Editorial. Rhythmic Psycho-neuroses and Morbid Impulses. The Lancet, Volume 157, Issue 4051, 20 April 1901, Pages 1150-1151.

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