Thursday, October 31, 2013

Marie Laveau Conjures a Horde of Avenging Zombies

In American Horror Story: Coven, New Orleans Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau casts a spell to avenge the brutal lynching of an African American high school boy in 1961. She's calling up the undead.

The zombie resurrection starts with one hand poking through the dirt, followed by the slow but steady emergence of a marauding horde. This may not be an entirely accurate scenario, however, since most cemeteries in New Orleans are above ground. The stone crypts and mausoleums are tourist attractions, with Marie Laveau's tomb being a particular favorite.

The four white racists try in vain to dispense with the intruders, to no avail. Silly rednecks! Don't you know that guns are useless against zombies? They'll just tear you limb from limb. It's a bloody awesome scene!

Marie Laveau is played by the fabulous Angela Bassett.

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