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Medical Research Paper For Sale: A Laughable Publishing Scam

Medical Research

Medical Research Paper For Sale


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This morning, I saw a link to 'A university librarian draws up a list of "predatory" open access publishers' (via @carlzimmer):
Beall's List of Predatory, Open-Access Publishers

Predatory, open-access publishers are those that unprofessionally exploit the author-pays model of open-access publishing (Gold OA) for their own profit. Typically, these publishers spam professional email lists, broadly soliciting article submissions for the clear purpose of gaining additional income. Operating essentially as vanity presses, these publishers typically have a low article acceptance threshold, with a false-front or non-existent peer review process. Unlike professional publishing operations, whether subscription-based or ethically-sound open access, these predatory publishers add little value to scholarship, pay little attention to digital preservation, and operate using fly-by-night, unsustainable business models.

I also found a link to Medical Research Paper For Sale, which is so transparently awful that a similar warning needn't be issued. Just for fun, I decided to look into the site anyway. Not surprisingly, RES-MEDICAL.COM is registered through Go Daddy:
wenben zhou
hu li road
jing bei, huabei 885554

Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 29-Oct-11
Expires on: 29-Oct-12
Last Updated on: 29-Oct-11

Administrative Contact:
zhou, wenben
hu li road
jing bei, huabei 885554

The link that first came to my attention was this one:

The Brain Structural and Functional Mechanism of Facial Emotion Recognition in Patients with a First Episode of Major Depression

Pages 156
Price US$70.00

From what I can tell, that document is a dissertation by Tang Yanqing.

But even better is this:

White Matter Tractography by Diffusion Tensor Imaging Play an Important Role in Prognosis Estimation of Acute Ischaemia Stroke
...We examined 28 patients of pyramidal tract strokes at the acute phase (< 3 days) with a marked motor deficit.
Pages 184
Price US$50.00

Hmm, that looks remarkably similar to this 8 page paper published in the British Journal of Radiology:

Lai C, Zhang SZ, Liu HM, Zhou YB, Zhang YY, Zhang QW, Han GC. White matter tractography by diffusion tensor imaging plays an important role in prognosis estimation of acute lacunar infarctions. Br J Radiol. 2007 Oct;80(958):782-9.
...We examined 28 pyramidal tract stroke patients in the acute phase or early subacute phase (< 3 days) with a marked motor deficit.
© 2007 The British Institute of Radiology

That article is available for free, as a PDF. Perhaps it's part of an author's dissertation in Chinese, but save your $50. You can read the abridged version online, courtesy of BJR.

What I want to know is, who is this bearded Caucasian gentleman at IT Research Paper?

Billy HU, Ph.D

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Sounds like there needs to be a way better way of monitoring articles that are published online, especially medical related articles.


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