Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tonight on the Resting State Network... (updated version)

You've seen the short version of Resting State Network (by NeuroImage)... Are you ready for the full length version (with better sound)? Relive Cluster Analysis, Le Septième Jour and more! And prepare yourself for the riveting Dr. Kitao Sakurai, Resting-State Analyst...

"It changed my life. It got me off the streets."

- Florian Baron

[Somewhat] Related: Functional Network Organization of the Human Brain (Power et al., 2011):

  • Areal and modified voxelwise graph definitions are proposed
  • Subgraphs reflect known and unknown brain systems
  • Default mode, sensory, and motor systems share network properties
  • Functional systems are patterned across the cortex with spatial regularities

Starring Dr. Steve Petersen and Jonathan Power.
As seen in Neuron, Volume 72, Issue 4, 665-678, 17 November 2011.

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