Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Lie To Me Every Week

Did anyone else find it curious that APS (Association for Psychological Science) was promoting a television show on Fox last week? They sent out this e-mail to members and wanna-be-members on January 21:

APS 21st Annual Convention
San Francisco, CA May 22-25, 2009

TV Series Premieres Tonight
'Lie to Me' and Ekman at
APS Convention, Honestly

Paul Ekman’s pioneering work on emotions and facial expressions is the basis for a new television series, “Lie to Me,” premiering tonight at 9:00 PM on Fox (check local listings for details). The main character -- Dr. Lightman, the “world’s leading deception expert,” – is described as a human lie detector who cracks criminal cases by reading facial expressions, voice, and movements.

Join Ekman and members of the production group and cast at the APS 21st Annual Convention this May in San Francisco, CA, for a discussion on how psychological science research is used in the show. The panel discussion, “Prime Time Psychology: Science Is the Story in ‘Lie to Me,’” will be moderated by Robert W. Levenson, and the program will include excerpts from the series.

Watch the "Lie to Me" promo on YouTube

Check out the premiere of “Lie to Me” at 9:00 PM tonight on Fox. Then stay tuned to the APS Convention for the science behind the show.

. . .

APS Program Committee:
Daniel Cervone (Chair), Sian Beilock, Ying–yi Hong, Daniel Klein, Tyler Lorig, Joseph A. Mikels, Kris Preacher, Deborah E. Rupp, Timothy Strauman, Tor Wager, Tracy Zinn

The show's scientific advisor (Paul Ekman, Ph.D.) has a blog at Fox. I imagine Dr. Ekman's business, products, and training courses are doing pretty well these days...

Read more about Lie to Me at N e u r o n a r r a t i v e.

* Is that true?

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At February 19, 2009 12:10 PM, Blogger Fantastic Forrest said...

I love the show. I think one of its strengths is the constant reference back to real world liars. It would be fun to go to that panel discussion.

And I wouldn't be surprised if the average number of lies in 10 minutes is 3. For some people I know, it's a lot larger!

My blog post today dealt with Lie to Me - consider yourself invited to come visit and share your thoughts on the question I pose. :-)


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