Monday, October 06, 2008

Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams

Sick of American politics?

The 2008 Canadian federal election (officially called the 40th Canadian General Election) is scheduled to be held October 14, 2008, to elect members to the Canadian House of Commons of the 40th Canadian Parliament. The previous parliament was dissolved by the Governor General on September 7, 2008.
The Wikipedia page also tells us that the Marijuana Party of Canada has eight candidates, but the Work Less Party has only one (too much work, perhaps, to have others run under their mandate?).

The Policy Objectives of the Work Less Party are to:
1. Reduce our environmental footprint.

2. Reduce unemployment and increase the minimum wage.

3. Decentralize decision making.

4. Promote community, arts, music, health, culture and education.
So work less (32 hrs/week), spend less, and save the environment.

Watch Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams - The Movie (74 min on Google Video) or Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams - The Trailer (4:42 on YouTube).

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