Sunday, June 08, 2008

The Butterfly in the Brain

Speaking of beautiful brains, the work of artist Suzanne Anker was included in the recent BRAINWAVE: Common Senses exhibition at Exit Art in New York, which ran from February 16-April 19, 2008.
The Butterfly in the Brain continues Anker's investigation into the visualizing techniques available through high technology simulation: the microscope, the telescope, the MRI scan. The exhibition focuses on a dialogue of signs within the symmetrical (or virtually symmetrical) structures of chromosomes, the butterfly and the brain, all of which possess an axis copy. Through pictorial substitution, demarcation, and relocation Anker creates a body of work out of science-based data.
In addition to Anker, BRAINWAVE included the art of David Bowen, Steve Budington, Phil Buehler, Andrew Carnie, George Jenne, Daniel Marguiles and Chris Sharp, Fernando Orellana and Brendan Burns, Jamie O'Shea, SERU, Devorah Sperber, Naho Taruishi, and Dustin Wenzel. SOMEHOW by Trickster Theater was a theatrical tour of the Common Senses exhibition. A preview of the performance (held April 16-17) is below.

A comprehensive review of the entire show is available at we make money not art. Régine Debatty writes:
Another work i found really moving and riveting was a video installation by Phil Buehler, a photographer, fascinated by "haunted ruins" of abandoned Psychiatric Hospitals.
For more Art on the Brain, view a different video about BRAINWAVE (available on the Scienceline website).

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Creative, somtimes unable to focus,subsectical to deceit; when unaware. Legal drug dealers refer to it as ADD.


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