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However, NeuroPsychoEconomics is not a new neuroword. Apparently, the Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics gGmbH was
founded in 2004 to bring together scientists and practitioners from economics, management, psychology, and neuroscience.
Here's the info for their next conference, to be held in Munich.
2008 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference
Neuroeconomics, neuromarketing, and neurofinance - Advancing, Association for NeuroPsychoEconomics

2008 Call for papers

Please be invited to submit a paper to the 2008 NeuroPsychoEconomics Conference in Munich, Germany. The conference will he held from October 9-10, 2008 at the Platzl Hotel, in Munich’s Historic Old Town (Sparkassenstrasse 10, Munich, Germany 80331). Deadline for submissions is July 15, 2008.

The conference theme of 2008 is:

“Neuroeconomics, neuromarketing, and neurofinance - Advancing our understanding of decision making processes”

Manuscripts should combine concepts from neuroscience and/or psychology with problems of business and economics.

. . .

Manuscripts can be written in English or German. The conference language will be English. Manuscripts submitted for the conference must not currently be under review, accepted for publication, or published elsewhere.

More information at

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And how many readers and subscribers do YOU have, you pathetic little troll. Comments aren't an indication of readership.

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