Monday, January 21, 2008

Human, All Too Human (AND Alien)

Are You an Alien?

To find out, now you too can take the latest Implicit Association Test (IAT)!

Human or Alien?

The Neurocritic is Human AND Alien. Coming soon: "Tips for Manipulating the IAT."

You have completed the study.

Your Result

Your data suggest little to no automatic identification with Human compared to Alien.

If your results, provided above, indicate a stronger identity with alien relative to human, then you are probably an alien. Self-reports of humanness sometimes differ from the results revealed by the IAT because either aliens do not want to admit to being an alien either because of plans for world domination or because of low collective self-esteem. Also, one's implicit alien identity can be a surprise to the test taker because "he" or "she" did not know previously about being an alien. These cases are surprisingly common and are likely due to memory impairment or alieodissociative identity disorder (not yet recognized by the APA diagnostic manual).

A few humans - mostly bleeding heart liberals - implicitly identify with aliens more than humans because of a uncontrollable need to disidentify with the ingroup.

In either case, if you show an implicit alien identity, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is interested to speak with you.

If you instead show an implicit human identity, then it is likely that you are in implicit denial. Why would you have taken this test if you were not an alien? Please report yourself to DHS anyway.

A Professor Dr. Arina Bones, Ph.D. production. If you are otherwise confused or uncertain about your results, you may wish to evaluate whether you are Dead or Alive.

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