Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trolls Wanted For Research Study

image credit: mosquito25
Racername: TrollKiller


The NIMH seeks participants for a new neuroimaging study on neurodevelopmental abnormalities in the brains of blog trolls. Objective: measuring the quantity of gray matter lost by repeatedly browsing MindFreedom's web site.

It's been hard to find enrollees, so far, because those who qualify tend to sneer and shrug it off with, "NIMH? They're just pharma shills. Neuroscience is a sham, man." Subjects also have difficulty filling out the application form, claiming to be named God, giving a Yahoo newsgroup as an address, and pasting long rants about Zyprexa into the spaces provided for "birthdate" and "sex". The lone participant the NIMH has managed to recruit thus far is apparently getting along fine by screaming "pseudoscience fuckwits! ha-ha, I'll prove you all wrong!" at the lab technicians while they good-naturedly jam him into an MRI tube where a piece of rotting fish is hidden.

Via Omni Brain.

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