Monday, November 13, 2006

Addiction Caused By Subtle Bodies of Ancestors!!

Thanks to the keen eye of Vaughan at Mind Hacks, we now know that
96% of addictions are "primarily caused due to possession by either ghosts or our departed ancestors" with only 4% being due to physical and psychological factors. Well, that's that sorted then.
The Spiritual Science Research Foundation is the source of those statistics. Is this a serious site? Hard to believe it's not a very elaborate parody, what with figures like this one:

5.1 Steps in development of addiction caused by subtle bodies of ancestors

Step 1: In the majority of cases, the subtle body of ancestor / ghost attacks the person in the mother’s womb at the embryonic stage. Even prior to conception, at the time of intercourse itself, the subtle body of ancestor enters the body of the mother through her vagina and it impregnates the entire uterus with black energy.

OK, then, it's settled. NIDA can close up shop.

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Unbelievable, isn't it?


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